Mobile spectroscopy



Imaging spectroscopy has widely been used by satellite and airborne platforms. Recent  technological developments have opened new ways in spectral-spatial data acquisition. Imaging spectroscopy is now available also for ground-truthing and novel field imaging measurements.

Mobile Spectroscopy to the fullest

Cubert revolutionized portable spectral imaging. Our state-of-the-art technology combines full frame technique with high precision spectroscopy. Cubert´s imaging field spectrometer produces a full spectral image at much higher speeds (1 ms) and frequencies (25 Hz) than conventional hyperspectral line scanners. One of the key benefits of our field imaging spectrometer is its portability that enables hand-held imaging spectroscopy. Under proper illumination conditions off-nadir spectroscopic measurements are applicable and reasonable. This capability extends field spectroscopy to landscape spectroscopy.

Imaging Spectroscopy anytime and anywhere

UHD-285 real-time spectroscopy

Portable imaging field spectroscopy will change your attitude about field data acquisition. Unlike hyperspectral line scanners, a snapshot imaging spectrometer can spectrally capture randomly and quickly moving objects and processes. By the extremely increased temporal resolution a new technique came true: the hyperspectral video. Vehicle based imaging spectroscopy can be experienced at an advanced way providing innovative applications for under water research, unmanned aerial platforms and much more. Next generation field remote sensing can focus more on real-time spectral object tracking and  identification without limitations in time and space. Take advantage of field imaging spectroscopy right now!